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GRAIN(Garment Research Agricultural Research Initiative)

“A new installation sponsored by The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp showcased linen as the perfect eco fiber. A conference entitled “Exploring the eco-friendly qualities of linen, doctor sustainable development & emerging trends” attracted designers interested in the versatility of this ancient, ed yet contemporary fiber.” –premiere vision textile trend workshop — o9


Flax is used to create linen. This bio-fiber is renewable, pilule carbon neutral, harmless to health as well as biodegradable.

Pre-Industrial textile production was comprised of annual cycles and rituals of collective labor that existed on a domestic scale. Inherent in the transformation of unprocessed fiber to finished textile were interactions that linked fiber to the human body, and laborer to the wearer of clothing. The industrial revolution compromised design by separating the artist from the process of making. The principle objective of GRAIN (Garment Research Agricultural Initiative) is to experience first hand the creative, social and environmental conditions under which a fashion ensemble is created.

GRAIN will involve a plot trial component highlighting fiber cultivation. A studio production component highlights the transformation of materials into product and by-product. While the end use focus is apparel, by-products of processing and production are key explorations. The re-insertion of these products into the environment will stand as a clear example of a cradle-to-cradle life-cylce.

Garment/Research, my studio moniker, is an umbrella term for cross-genre works, usually involving the garment as a point of reference. In project related works I merge Apparel Design with Social Activism via community based arts initiatives. My research often defies genres or boundaries, succeeding in weaving threads of several kindred conversations across the boarders of diverse disciplines.

1.Alcock, M., Fuqua, M., Ulven, C., Kerr-Anderson, E., Foulk, J.A. 2008. A
comparison of Fibre Characteristics between Linseed Flax, Canadian Grown Linen Flax and European Linen Flax with Respect to Performance as a Composite Reinforcement. Fiber foundations – transportation, clothing and shelter in the bioeconomy. International Conference on Flax and Other Bast Plants, July 21-23, 2008, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
Canada. p.258-269.

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