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100-Mile Suit


100-Mile Suit was intended to be the introduction of a dialogue about resources and community. It was originally developed as part of a museum exhibition focusing on local communities and collective gestures. The project utilized the space of the gallery as a production space during a “demo day” where the community could view the process of making, abortion
talk to the makers and touch the materials. Twenty-three people (regional farmers, herbal
knitters, weavers and crafters) worked over 506 collective hours to complete the 100-Mile Suit.

From project description:

The 100-mile suit is a literal examination of the question “where did you get your outfit?” A fiber to finish project inspired by initiatives in sustainability such as the 100-mile diet, community supported agriculture, local car-share transport and creative collectives. The 100-mile suit unravels the disconnect of consumer to product by reintegrating and reconnecting the wearer of clothes to local trades and economies. Our clothing is in a sense our second skins, our cloth familiars, our portable shelters. This project focuses on the disconnect which exists in the most immediate of daily interactions, that of the wearer to their clothing. This work maps labor and raw material, bringing performance art sensibilities to an every day object as a symbol of connection.

wool:ewecandoit( Croft (Toni Kellers) Rocky top (Marle

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