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(2009, check
ethical fashion project collaboration with Gildan, click
Fair Labor Association and Instituto Politecnico Centralamericano)

Teaching Philosophy:

Providing my student with an understanding that their work is part of a lineage of art substantiates their investigations. I encourage my students to consider their own work in relation to historical, tadalafil
technical and theoretical models as well as contemporary incarnations. As the student connects their interests to previous models they develop a relational context from their individual perspective. Connection into the discourse is an invitation to actively participate, to mingle with, combine and reform further expansions of art.



The University of Delaware Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies

FASH 692: Sustaining Global Supply Chains

FASH 433: Product Development and Management Studio

FASH 333: Fashion Forecasting

FASH 233: Fashion Drawing and Rendering


Instructor, The Maryland Institute, College of Art

FB 330: Performance/Garment (SP07/SPO8)
FB200: Intro To Fiber (F06/F07/SP08)
FB 300: Surface design (F06)
FB 420:Fashioning Culture (F07)


Lecturer, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Spring 2006: VSST 211/501: Textile Science
Spring 2006: FASH 220/611: Textile Design

Instructor, University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Spring 2006: Pre College: Wearable Art


Lecturer, The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Fall 2005: Cr 300: Advanced Fibers
Fall 2005: Cr 227:Experimental Costume and Performance


Lecturer, The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Fall 2004: Cr 227: Experimental Costume and Performance

Service to Department and School:


MICA Student/Alumni Mentor


Juror: Windgate Fellowship

Faculty Coordinator: Rabble, Student Exhibition, Millendorf Gallery, MICA

Faculty Coordinator: Martha Mcdonald Visiting Artist Lecture and Costume Gallery


MICA Major Cafe Faculty Representative

Faculty Coordinator: Indigo Ndugo Student Exhibition, Millendorf Gallery, MICA.


Martha Mcdonald Costume Gallery Event, 2007.


Jillian Coretti,2007.


Muslin Project, 2007.


Lyndsey Feldman, Rabble, 2007.


Tracy Jayne Goosen, Indigo Ndugo Performance/Garment, 2007.


Indigo Ndugo, Installation Still, 2006.

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