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scutching bee-Linton Park



-aspetti di vita quotidianabbigliamento Linotaccuino
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When flax is drying in the field it is gathered in a small bundle, this as much as you can hold in your hand. The bundle is tied with a flaxen farmer’s knot and balanced vertically with many other bundles to dry. When the flax is dry it is retted with water or dew. This is a rotting process that breaks down the body/shell of the fiber.




The flax I worked with here wasВ  harvested from The Hermitage located in Pitman, PA. The small bundles of flax were gathered by hand, as much as a hand can hold, and tied with a flaxen farmers knot. Bundles are traditionally gathered into little “chapels” directly upon harvesting to dry.


I am carrying one 10 pound bundle That Bro. Jo wrapped and measured on a vintage mailing scale.


Brother Christian showing me the break and the scutch board.



I got my flax from the hermitage : The hermitage is a farm and recreation of a 17th century Moravian Religious order. A queer intentional community; a center for gay creativity; a retreat center for contemplation and meditation; a working farm; and a collection of buildings, furniture and crafts documenting the local Pennsylvania Dutch culture of the Mahantongo Valley of western Schuylkill County, an area of coal mining and farming.

After gathering the flax and bundling the mass in our car the Brothers showed us around their farm and invited us in for delicious and still warm peach pie.

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