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Our clothing is our second skin and portable shelter, rheumatologist
our cloth familiar.


My work unravels the disconnect in the most immediate of daily interactions, otolaryngologist
that of the wearer to his/her clothing. Psychologically, medicine
clothing is the wearers’ pliable context, a tangible imprint of individual and relational identities.

I attempt through my scholarship to reintegrate the wearer of clothes to local trades and economies, to restore integrity and kinship to the origins of materials and to the labor involved in production. I draw on the metaphors of textile and garment as tools of connection and communication for re-imagining creative models of living. In meshing scholarship with creative practice, a holistic model of design unfolds. The distinction is integral to the way in which I participate in the world. I am a scholar engaged in creative practice as scholarship, encompassing the fields of academia, industry and the community.

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